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Ensuring the legacy of our historic park and looking toward the futureĀ 

The Maplewood Memorial Park Conservancy is a public-private partnership that assists the Township of Maplewood in caring for, restoring, and improving our local gem, Memorial Park, a twenty-five acre oasis in the center, and at the heart, of town.

A popular community gathering space and home to events such as Maplewoodstock and the Fourth of July celebration, the park invites both passive and active recreation, with ballfields, courts, and an amphitheater, as well as a landscape designed in the picturesque style, with broad greenswards, copses of trees and shrubs, a pond, and rustic bridges over a channelized river.

The Conservancy is dedicated to preserving, improving, and maintaining Maplewood Memorial Park.

Our first major initiative, the Flagpole Hill border restoration landscaping project, was based on original Olmsted Brothers planting designs and funded by the Open Space Trust Fund. Phase 1 broke ground in the area across from the train station in October 2018 and Phases 2, 3, and 4 were completed in the following season. The capstone to the project will be a re-landscaping of the gateway to the park across from the train station. Planting in this triangle is being done in the fall of 2021 and a dedication plaque will be installed in spring 2022. A redesign of the landscaping around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial along Baker St. was completed in 2020, with funding from The Maplewood VFW Post 10120. Other current and recent initiatives include the ongoing volunteer Weeding Wednesdays and shrub pruning days and public programs such as bird watching and the popular 2021 event, Painters in the Park. The Conservancy oversees a memorial tree dedication program, develops historically appropriate tree replacement plans and recommendations, oversees a summer internship program that includes research, design, and hands-on work, works with the Township in GIS updates, and conducts public meetings and programs. Current and future landscaping plans are being developed with landscape consultant Jennifer C. Ryan.

Painters in the Park, spring 2021

Join us to honor the past and shape the future of our landmark park!

Membership and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Or mail your contribution to Maplewood Memorial Park Conservancy PO Box 1091 Maplewood, NJ 07040